“...They’ve all counted me out” he said.  “I want to do one more venture.”

These were the words of our friend, mentor, and partner—the late Dr. Joseph Rubinfeld—which started it all for Infusion 51a.

We met Dr. Joe back in 2012—by chance.  From being in the trenches. 

We were trading our own money back then.  Buying company debt, stocks and more. As it turns out, we started doing pretty well.

Soon, friends and family took notice and wanted to join in on our investments.  

But we turned everyone down.  

We weren’t ready for outside investors at the time.  Nor did we want any.

So after taking stake in a company, we met Dr. Joe who happened to be a member on that company’s board.  He took a liking to us. And over a five year period we became friends. 

It was kind of like the old-bull-young-bull thing for us.

Dr. Joe and his team invented amoxicillin.  He was the co-founder of SuperGen and one of the original four co-founders of Amgen pharmaceuticals.

In a nutshell, he was an internationally recognized veteran, our mentor and the one who ultimately shaped our investment strategy which is…

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