... look to acquire worthy mid-to-late-stage life sciences assets that need a new direction. Drugs or technologies that are in-use but have an impediment to success. 

If you can find these precision medicine drugs or technologies, then step two is to fix them. And attempt to make them safer and more effective for patients; or in some cases, get the companies to function better. 

Our goal in step three is to wisely exit or keep the asset if we’d like.

That’s it.

Our strategy is to buy low... fix... and attempt to sell high.

And always try to add value along the way.

There are many reasons why a biotech asset might require re-direction in the first place. Things like running out of money, inefficient evaluation of the market opportunity from the start, change in corporate priorities, problematic clinical design or execution, leadership problems, sub-par execution or patent expiring can all become roadblocks to the company’s success.

It’s like when a real estate developer fails to cross the finish line. There’s always an opportunistic investor looking to buy the asset in a bail out—and at a discount. One person’s problem is another’s opportunity...

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