In each case, we first diagnose an asset or company’s impediments to success, and then remove them by applying a combination of the following elements: leadership advisory, management team augmentation, board of directors restructuring, shareholder relations, capital structure optimization, brand marketing and media relations consulting, and legal assistance.

This is how we went from zero to $16MM in assets under management.

So when we flew out to California to meet with Dr. Joe at his house in the spring of 2012, he told us he wanted to do one more venture.  He wanted to prove to people that he had one more left. 

After a couple years of preparation, we officially partnered.

And in mid-2015, we blended (infused!) our financial capital, human capital and investment “know-how” to form Infusion 51a.   That’s when Infusion 51a was born.

Unfortunately, Dr. Joseph Rubinfeld died in December of 2016.  

Indeed, we consider Dr. Joe a central inspiration for everything we do at Infusion 51a and we hope to continue his legacy and honor his memory through our work.

Fast forward to today.

How about we consider making you part of the family?

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